Developing national standards for microwave parameter is main role of Microwave Parameter Laboratory. The laboratory conducts theoretical and experimental research to develop RF and Microwave measurement standards in transmission lines such as metal waveguides, coaxial lines and coplanar lines. Most fundamental parameters are in the research area of Microwave Parameter Laboratory. There are 8 staffs in Microwave Parameter Laboratory.

  • Research of On-wafer S Parameter Measurement Technique

    This project aims to provide measurement capability of on wafer S parameters in below 110GHz. A new calibration method named OSLX is developed for fast and accurate single port measurement. Several kinds of on wafer calibration kit for GSG...

  • 18GHz-40 GHz Microwave Attenuation Standard

    NIM has developed an 18GHz-40 GHz Microwave Attenuation Standard with 2.4mm coaxial connector.Uncertainty: 0.002dB+0.0002×A (18GHz-40GHz, 0dB-70dB)0.02dB-0.15dB (18GHz40GHz,>70dB-90dB)

  • 26.5GHz-40GHz Noise Standard

    NIM has developed standard noise sources and total-power type radiometers covering the WR-28 frequency band.Measurement Range: 80K-30000KUncertainty: 0.8%-3%(80K-300K)  0.8%-1.2% (300K-30000K)

International Cooperation

  • The lab cooperated with NIST to develop waveguide power standard in 2009.

  • Collaborating with NMIA to develop methods of time gating to improve microwave measurements accuracy in free field and guided system, 2012.

National Measurement Standards and CMCs

Mircowave Power Primary Standard

Attenuation Primary Standard

Microwave Noise Primary Standard

Microwave Phase Primary Standard

LF Phase Primary Standard



  • 010-64525218 Gao Qiulai
  • Head of the Microwave laboratory
  • gaoqiulai@nim.ac.cn
  • 010-64525223 Liu Xinmeng
  • Associated Research Fellow
  • iuxm@nim.ac.cn

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