Video and Pulse Parameter Laboratory develops measurement method of determining characteristics of high-speed waveforms and video parameters. This laboratory has developed national primary standard for pulse waveform parameter based upon the assumption that the kick-out pulse is proportional to the impulse response of the oscilloscope, and the national standard for audio wow flutter based upon Bessel-Zero method. In addition, it increases its...

There is no ongoing project.

  • Optical Disc Jitter Generator and its Calibration System

    Jitter is one of the most important parameters in optical disc evaluation. This project presents a design of a simulated jitter generator based on sinusoidal frequency-modulated (FM) signal. An innovative method is proposed to calibrate the...

  • Television RF Level Standard

    The television signal level is one of the most important parameters in the radio and television system. The principle of video modulation and definition of visual carrier level are described. A...

  • Research on Video Distortion Calibration

    In order to calibrate the quantitative value of video distortion, the theory and process of measuring distortions of differential gain (dG) and differential phase (dP) are analyzed. A video...

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National Measurement Standards and CMCs

Calibration System of Video and Audio

National Standard of Audio Wow Flutter

National Primary Standard of Pulse Waveform Parameter



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