Currently, RF Parameters and Semiconductor Material Parameters Laboratory has 5 researchers working for it, including an associate research fellow, a senior engineer and 3 engineers.
This laboratory is committed to developing, maintaining and improving national measurement standards for RF parameters and semiconductor material parameters. The laboratory maintains national RF voltage primary standard, national low-frequency voltage...

There is no ongoing project.

  • Improvement and Perfection of National Low-Frequency...

    National voltage primary standard used to be devided into two parts: national RF voltage primary standard (frequency range: 30MHz~3000MHz) and national low-frequency voltage primary standard (frequency range: 30kHz~1MHz). At the frequency range...

International Cooperation

There is no international cooperation.

National Measurement Standards and CMCs

Silicon Resistivity Standard

Measuring Receiver Standard and Signal Generator Standard

HF Low Voltage Standard: 10Hz~1GHz, 1uV~100mV,U=0.05%~3%

LF Voltage Primary Standard: 30k~50MHz, 0.1~100V, U=0.005%~0.1%

RF Voltage Primary Standard: 10~3000MHz, 0.1~2V, U=0.25%~0.7%



  • 010-64525213 He Zhao
  • Head of RF Parameters and Semiconductor Material Parameters Laboratory
  • hezhao@nim.ac.cn

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