The main task of Magnetic Quality Laboratory is to research in measurement technologies of magnetic qualities, establish and maintain national standards of magnetic qualities. At the present, the lab focuses on research in improvement of reproduction of magnetic flux density.

  • Design of Laser Pumped Helium Magnetometer

    The design replaces discharge lamp by semiconductor laser (laser diode) to improve resolution and accuracy of optically pumped sensor.It will study the possibility of replacing NMR sensor by laser pumped sensor to improve reproduction level of...

There is no completed project.

International Cooperation

There is no international cooperation.

National Measurement Standards and CMCs

Standard of Low Frequency AC Magnetic Flux Density
Range: 100nT-1mT,10Hz-10kHz
Reproduction uncertainty: (3-20)×10-5 (k=2)

Standard of Strong Magnetic Flux Density
Range: 0.5mT-2T
Reproduction uncertainty: (5-40)×10-6 (k=2)

National Primary Standard of Magnetic Flux Density
Rang: 20µT-100µT
Reproduction uncertainty: 0.35nT (k=2)



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