Quantum devices are the core for many modern metrology standards. The Quantum Device Laboraotary of NIM is a newly established lab, whose goal is to build NIM’s capability of making quantum devices for metrology standards. Three projects are being carried out currently. The first one is to develop quantum Hall (QH) devices for quantum Hall resistance standards. The second one is to develop Josephson Junction (JJ) array devices for all kinds...

  • Study of Quantum Devices for Metrological Applications

    The goal of the project is to study quantum devices for metrological applications. Current research includes: quantum Hall (array) devices for quantum Hall resistance standards, Josephson junction (array) devices for quantum voltage standards,...

There is no completed project.

International Cooperation

  • The lab is in collaboration with NIST on Josephson Junction Array quantum devices research.

National Measurement Standards and CMCs

There is no National Measurement Standards and CMCs.



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