The task of Electricity & Quantum Standard Laboratory is to study standards for electrical metrology based on quantum physics and basic measurement theory concerned with electrical standard, as well as to establish and maintain a DC voltage standard based on Josephson effect and a DC resistance standard based on quantization Hall effect. It is currently dedicated to research an AC resistance standard based on quantization Hall effect, an...

  • Ultra-high Precision Wide Range Current Meter

    To satisfy requirement of users, three sets of research apparatus will be developed, whose key part is a kind of distributed sampling shunt with ultra-low load effect. The apparatus includes: a wide range ultra-high precision current meter, a...

  • Programmable Josephson Voltage Standard

    A new type of Josephson junction array has been developed with nonhysteretic characteristic, whose output voltage V = nf/KJ is stable. The number of internal nodes of the junction array in accordance with binary segmentation, thus the output...

  • Quantum Mass Standard of Joule Balance

    This project aims to deal with the development of international system of units. A quantum mass standard with higher accuracy whose value will not change over time or location is to be established...

International Cooperation

  •  The comparison between NIM and BIPM has been finished in November 1995. The result showed that the difference of quantum DC voltage standard between NIM and BIPM is only -0.1×10-10, uncertainty is 1.1X 10-10 (1 σ). It achieved the best result...

  • The lab participated in international conference precision electromagnetic measurement (CPEM) and other international conferences.

National Measurement Standards and CMCs

National intense magnetic field standard: 2-12T,Uncertainty: 6×10-5 (k=1).

DC resistance standard: 12906.4035Ω,Uncertainty: 2.4×10-10 (k=1).

DC voltage standard: (0.1~1.2)V,Uncertainty: 1.0×10-8 (k=1)



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