Mass laboratory is state-level laboratory. There are 9 staff members in this laboratory, including 4 PhDs, 4 senior engineers and 1 engineer. Mass laboratory is responsible for disseminating mass units all over the nation, maintaining the national prototype kilogram and check prototype kilogram, setting up mass standards of every class, undertaking pattern evaluation for weighing instruments, researching in the field of mass measurement and...

  • Research of Mass Standard below 1 mg

    n order to establish a microgram mass standard, a mass comparator with an automatic ambient measurement system will be established in advance. The maximum capacity of the mass comparator with readability of 0.1 ug is 10 gram. The stability of...

  • Research of Huge Climate Chamber with Robot System for...

    A robot system for testing weighing instruments used in chamber has been developed by ourselves. A climate chamber with an auxiliary robot system was set up to test the performance of high capacity weighing instruments under different temperature...

International Cooperation

  • Co-research of microgram standard and technical requirement revision of Euramat cg/18 with Mettler-Toledo AG, Germany.

  • The laboratory attends international conferences as below:

    Attending CCM WGM Conference

    Attending IMEKO International Conference

    Attending APMP Conference

    Attending APMF International Conference

National Measurement Standards and CMCs

1 kg national check prototype kilogram

1 kg national prototype kilogram



  • 86-10-64524609 Wang Jian
  • Associated Professor, Head of Mass Laboratory, Contact person of CCM WGM
  • wjian@nim.ac.cn

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