Acoustic laboratory implements scientific study of acoustic metrology in air, water and solid, and maintains consistent and accurate standards of sound pressure, sound intensity and sound power, etc. It provides calibration and testing services for electro-acoustic, ultrasonic and audiometric devices.
In addition, it also drafts domestic regulations in acoustic field and provides consulting services for both government and enterprises...

  • LS Microphone Calibration and its Parameters Measurement

    This basic research of air-borne acoustics is focused on primary methods for estimating the sensitivity of LS microphones in different sound fields: uniform pressure, free field. The determination of the sensitivity is carried out in a coupler...

  • Acoustic Emission Sensor Calibration

    A reciprocity and optical calibration system of acoustic emission sensor were developed, as well as the Face to Face method. The project tries to study the result difference of different methods,...

  • Measurement System For Sound Power of Noise Sources

    The standard equipment for sound power measurement based on the 20 microphone positions and the coaxial circular paths are finished. The frequency range of the standard equipment is from 50 Hz to...

International Cooperation

National Measurement Standards and CMCs

Zero Level Standards of Air/Bone Conduction in Audiometric Field

Coupler Reciprocity Standard

Milli-watt and Watt Level Ultrasound Power Standards



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  • head of Acoustic laboratory
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