Division of Thermophysics and Process Measurements


Pressure and Vacuum Laboratory is responsible for realizing, maintaining, and disseminating national primary standards for pressure and vacuum measurement. The duties include calibrating pressure and vacuum standards and sensors, participating international comparisons to validate primary standards, developing pressure and vacuum standards, and advancing pressure and vacuum measurements and applications. The established pressure standards...

  • Improvement Of NIM Leak Rate Standard

    Description & Major Accomplishments The NIM leak rate standard is realized by the comparison with a constant volume flowmeter. The pressure decrease D p in the known volume V of the

  • Research of the Effect Area of Primary Pressure Standards...

    A new formula for calculation of effective area was established based on the theory of viscous flow and the geometric modeling, which treated the piston-cylinder as columns with straightness instead of ideal ones. Besides, a pressure balance for...

International Cooperation

  • Li Yanhua has been a guest research at NIST working on the Ultrasonic Interferometer Manometer in the year 2008-2009.

  • Wang Jinku has been a guest research at NMIA working on the static expansion system in 2011. The cooperation between NIM and NMIA on gas piston gauge primary standard is on going.

National Measurement Standards and CMCs

National primary standard for hydraulic gauge pressure in the range of (0.1 ~ 10) MPa , piston gauges with expanded relative uncertainty of 2×10 -5 ( k =2).

National standard for absolute pressure in the range from 1×10 -4 Pa to 1×10 3 Pa, a static expansion system with expanded relative uncertainty of (0.4% ~ 0.06%) (k=2).

National standard for pneumatic gauge and absolute pressure in the range of (3.5 ~ 7000) kPa, piston gauges with expanded relative uncertainty of 2×10-5 (k=2)



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