Division of Metrology in Length and Precision Engineering


There are 6 people in Nano-scale Length Laboratory. The main task of the laboratory is to develop and maintain national length primary standards. The standards are used to calibrate laser wavelength for different interferometers. It has taken part in key international comparisons for value maintenance of metre.

  • Study on LD Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy Sensor

    The project, study on LD Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy Sensor, is one practical research program for public welfare. The sensor will be used to measure and determine toxic level of substances and will ensure human health and production safety...

  • Study on Key Technology of Cool Atom Nanometer Scale...

    When a chromium atomic beam collimated by laser cooling passes through a laser standing wave field, it will be gathered toward intensity minimum or intensity maximum state by dipole force. Nanometer-scale lines array with an average pitch of l/2...

International Cooperation

National Measurement Standards and CMCs

national primary standard of 633nm laser wavelength: U=1.0E-10, k=2

National primary standard of 612nm laser wavelength: U=1.0E-9, k=2

Nano-scale grating pitch calibrating device: U=0.5nm, k=2



  • 010-64524933 Qian Jin
  • Head of Laboratory
  • qianjin@nim.ac.cn

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