Division of Metrology in Length and Precision Engineering


Thread/Coordinate Measuring Technology Laboratory maintains and disseminates standard values of thread gauges, coordinate measuring machines to customers. It provides calibration services for related objects and machines and is also responsible for research works in thread/coordinate measuring technologies.

There is no ongoing project.

  • Method Research of Accurate Estimate of CMMs

    The project focused on building a measurement system for calibrating coordinate measuring machine (CMM) used standards/reference-pieces including step gauges and ball plates. Through continuous improvement, the calibration measurement capability...

International Cooperation

There is no international cooperation.

National Measurement Standards and CMCs

Measurement Standard for Thread Gauges: Pitch diameter U=(2.5 +L/200) mm, taper U=1', lead U=1.5μm, flank angle U=3´ (k=2)

National Measurement Standards of Parameters of OCTG Thread Gauges: Pitch diameter U=3μm, taper U=3μm, lead U=2μm, flank angle U=3”, standoff U=6μm(k=2)

Measurement standards for 1D/2D Multi-Dimensional Artifacts: U=0.2μm+5E-7L,k=2

Measurement standard for 1D/2D Multi-Dimensional Optical Artifacts: U=0.15μm + 1.1E-6L

2D pattern artifacts roundness calibration system: U=0.15μm (k=2)



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