Electromagnetic Compatibility(EMC)Laboratory is established in 1992. 16 staff members have been working for it by now. It is responsible for maintaining national capabilities of electromagnetic quantities measurement mainly related to antenna and field strength across the spectrum from RF to microwave and millimeter wave frequencies.The lab researches on:A series of facilities and measurement techniques for calibrating antennas, including a...

  • New Open Area Test Site

    A world-class Open Area Test Site (OATS) is under construction in our Second Experiment Base. It is expected to be finished by the end of 2013. The OATS consists of a metal ground plane of 60 m by 40 m and a set of triangular-shape earthing mesh...

  • High Frequency Antenna Standard

    Together with National Physical Laboratory, the lab is working on a measurement facility for the antenna gain and cross-polarization measurement. Three antenna extrapolation test methods will be...

There is no completed project.

International Cooperation

  • Dr Meng Donglin took part in the annual CISPR meeting in Bangkok 2012. He also took part in some ad-hoc meetings, including the CISPR/A/WG1 below 30MHz projects as an expert.

  • Dr Meng Donglin was sent to NPL as a visiting scholar for 20 weeks from Jan 2010 to June 2010, where he tried out a vertically polarized method for biconical antenna measurement. He also tried out the vertically polarized dipole antenna...

  • The lab is working on a joint research of extrapolation range antenna gain measurement technique in cooperation with NPL in joint RF & Microwave antenna lab.

National Measurement Standards and CMCs

Frequency range: 30MHz~1.0GHz;Uncertainty: U=3.0dB(k=2).

Frequency range:1~18GHz;
Power density:0.1~10mW/cm2;
Uncertainty: depend on the frequency

Interference and Field Strength Measuring Instrument verification facility Voltage range: (0-120)dBμV, frequency range: 9kHz-3000MHz, uncertainty: U=0.21dB (k=2);input attenuator: (0-100)dB, frequency range: 9kHz-1000MHz,uncertainty: U=0.16dB (k=2);standard pulse: 13.5μVs@25Hz, 0.316μVs@100Hz, 0.044μVs@100Hz, frequency range: 9kHz-1000MHz;
uncertainty: U=1.2dB (k=2).

Harmonic and flicker standard facility(I≤16A) Voltage: 10V~500V, MPE: ±(0.011%×output voltage+8.8mV);Current: 0.25A~16A, MPE:±(0.019%×output current+0.72mA);Power: (1~1000)W, MPE: ±444μW/VA;Harmonic current:(2~40)th, MPE:±(0.052%×output current+0.24mA);Short flicker: Pst=1, Pst=5, MPE:±0.25%×Pst.

High frequency electric field standard facility(10MHz~1GHz)Frequency range:10MHz-1GHz;Field strength:20V/m;Uncertainty: depend on the frequency



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