Magnetic Materials Measuring Laboratory is responsible for research, establishment, and maintenance of magnetic materials national measurement standards; it is also responsible for designing industrial magnetic materials measurement equipment and related value transfer technology. In the mean time, Magnetic Materials Measuring Laboratory also acts as National Center of Quality Supervision and Inspection of Magnetic Materials, which is...

  • Research and Development of Online Magnetic Measurement...

    The project aims to determining magnetic properties of electrical steel in production line. The quality of electrical steel sheets is to a large extent dependent on their magnetic properties. Epstein and single sheet tester method could not...

  • Enterprise Energy Management System(EMS)

    An EMS system based on B/S mode and a real-time database platform was developed. Besides, a set of energy information collection, monitoring and management plat form was established successfully....

International Cooperation

  • From 2005, Magnetic Materials Measuring Laboratory has been cooperating with Hirst Magnetics Instruments Ltd, UK, on a new hard magnetic material instrument, Pulsed Field Magnetometer.

  • From 2004, being a member of IEC TC68, Magnetic Materials Measuring Laboratory has attended IEC TC68 meeting every year.

  • From 2008 to 2010 Magnetic Materials Measuring Laboratory took part in the inter-comparison exercise on measurement of magnetic moment with Vibrating Sample Magnetometer, which was held by the IEC TC68 Working Group 2.

  • In 2010, in cooperationwith National Physical Laboratory, Magnetic Materials Measuring Laboratory finished the Comparison of Permanent Magnet Measurements Report on measurement using methods compliant with IEC 60404 part 5 and Pulse Field...

National Measurement Standards and CMCs

National Measurement Standard for Magnetic Hard Material Support magnetic properties measurements including flux density, maximum energy product, coercivity, etc. Calibration and Measurement Capabilities are certified by the BIPM. Samples with shape of cylinder, rectangular, parallelepiped can be accepted.

DC magnetic properties of Magnetic soft material can be measured, including: peak permeability, magnetic saturation polarization, coercive field strength, etc. CMC is certified by BIPM.

National Measurement Standard for Magnetic Soft Material, AC Support magnetic properties measurement for magnetically soft metallic and powder materials at frequencies ranging from 20 Hz to 200 kHz

National Measurement Standard for Electrical Steel Support magnetic properties measurement for electrical steel, including specific total power loss, RMS value of magnetic strength, peak value of magnetic strength, peak value of AC magnetic polarization, Peak value of DC magnetic polarisation and etc



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