The main tasks of Laboratory of Physiological Information and Sensors are to research on calibrating and value tracing method for physiological parameters of medical instruments, and especially medical sensors; to research on Raman spectrometry and aspheric technology; to study, establish, preserve and maintain national measurement standards/primary standards; to undertake transferring and value tracing work for the nation; to take charge of...

  • Metrological Standard for Intraocular Lenses

    The design of the IOL standard for dioptric power is based on the definition described in ISO 11979. Two structure forms are chosen to realize the calibration of corresponding instruments. One is convex-plane and the other is concave-plane form....

International Cooperation

There is no international cooperation.

National Measurement Standards and CMCs

working primary standard for ophthalmometers

Working primary standard for back vertex power of contact lens in air


Provide Raman spectrum test, surface shape, geometric parameters and stress test for optical elements; undertake test and calibration work on products and standard devices within contact lens and ophthalmometer areas, such as phthalmometers, contact lens, contact lens using focimeters, standard devices for ophthalmometers, Standard devices for instrument used to measure contact lens geometric dimensions, etc.


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