AC Impedance and AC Ratio Lab studies precise measurement method for AC impedance, AC ratio and partial discharge, and establishes and maintains capacitance primary standard, inductance working standard, primary standard of dissipation factor of capacitor, AC ratio standard and other standards for electrical parameters. At present we are focused on study of high-value capacitance, high accuracy standard capacitor, AC resistor, new capacitance...

  • High Accuracy Standard Capacitor and Capacitance-box

    The project is a key part of new national tracing system of AC impedance. We are developing high accuracy standard capacitor and capacitance-box with a coaxial or plate structure.
    The project mainly focused on development of high accuracy...

  • Establishment of AC Resistance Standard

    The aim of the research project is to build a standard for resistance change of resistors under different AC frequencies. The standard is to offer a calibrated AC resistance for a tracing system for calculable capacitance standard and precise...

International Cooperation

There is no international cooperation.

National Measurement Standards and CMCs

Inductance Working Standard: f=1kHz; 1µH~100µH: U=3nH; 00µH~1H: U=30µH/H(k=3)

Capacitance Primary Standard: 0.5pF-10pF; 1kHz; Uncerterty: 1E-7 (k=1)

Primary Standard of Dissipation Factor of Capacitor: 1pF-1000pF; 50Hz-10kHz; U=1~10E-7 (k=2)



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