Division of Chemical Metrology and Analytical Science


Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory mainly focuses on studying and developing measurement methods for primary standard, including coulometry, isotope dilution mass spectrometry and absolute mass spectrometry; developing and improving national primary standards for materials and CRMs consisting of high-purity chemical component or compound; developing CRMs for research and measurement activities in environment, healthcare, biology and materials...

  • Study on the Analytical Methods and Transformation of...

    This project was supported by National Natural Science Fund, Youth Science Fund project (21207124), as a fundamental research program. It aims to establish a separation and determination method for freely dissolved silver, adsorbed silver and...

  • Study of the Primary Standard of Isotopic Abundance

    This project focused on researching measurement methods for absolute values of isotope ratios; developing primary standards or CRMs of elemental isotope abundance with measured atom masses. Furthermore, it will establish and continuously improve...

International Cooperation

  • ACRM project: collaborating with NMIJ and KRISS to ensure the validation, characterization, production, supply and use of CRMs to be worldwide accepted and global competitive.

  • NIM and PTB cooperates in a collaborative program: Measurement of the molar mass of enriched 28Si by ID-MC-ICP-MS.

  • NIM and LGC cooperates in a collaborative program: Inorganic and speciation mass spectrometry analysis for food safety and clinical application.

  • NIM and BAM  cooperates in a collaborative program: Analysis of High Pure Metals and Mass Spectrometry Techniques.

National Measurement Standards and CMCs

National Primary Standard for Primary Chemical Purity and another 15 national standards



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