Division of Nano Merology and Materials Measurement

Division of Nano Merology and Materials Measurement


The aim of the Laboratory is to develop and improve national standards and calibration service abilities for nanopahse materials. The research of the laboratory are mainly focused on micro-nano scale dimensional metrology, surface texture metrology and micro/nano coordinate measurement.

  • Study of Large-Range Nano-Geometry Measurement Standard

    The project is supported by Nonprofit Industry-specific Project organized by Ministry of Finance. The aim is to develop a nano-geometry measurement standard within a measurement range of 50×50×2mm3. The standard is established to serve for...

There is no completed project.

International Cooperation

National Measurement Standards and CMCs

Standard For Nano Geometric Structure: (x, y, z) = (70, 15, 7) μm,  Step height: U=(1+2×10-4H)nm, k=2; Pitch: U=(1+2×10-4L)nm, k=2

Standard Single-Groove Specimens and Standard Multi-Groove Specimens

National primary standard for surface roughness: (0.1~80) μm, Ra=(0.1~10) μm, U =(2~5)%, k=3.





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