Division of Nano Merology and Materials Measurement

Division of Nano Merology and Materials Measurement


Advanced Materials Laboratory consists of five research groups, including Particle Measurement Group, Spectrum Group, Polymer Group, Thin Film Group and Micro-Nano Mechanics Group. The main targets are to build National standards, provide accurate measurement technologies and CRMs for advanced materials. At present, parameters and values including dimension, structure, composition and properties of particles, carbon nanomaterials and polymers...

  • Thickness Measurement for Thin Films and Research in...

    In this research project, grazing incidence X-ray reflectivity(GIXRR)technology is used to determine thickness of thin films. The traceability of the GIXRR was studied and uncertainty of measurement process was evaluated. Besides, a kind of thin...

  • Development of Particle Size CRMs

    Ten kinds of polystyrene particle size CRMs have been developed with nominal values from 60nm to 1000nm, which were determined by SEM and TEM methods. In the determination process of SEM method, two kinds of micrometers with nominal values of...

International Cooperation

  • NIM and NMIA cooperation program of particle size determination in May-July, 2011. In this cooperation program, members of the NIM and NIMA work together to determine the particle size distributions and other relevant characteristics of candidate...

  • The workshop on Materials Metrology in 4 Metrology Institutes (NIM – KRISS – NMIJ – ITRI) was proposed in Sep. 2010, and the 1st workshop was held in 2011 in NIM.The aims is to exchange information and discuss the establishment of the...

  • More than 10 members coming from INMETRO, NIMS, NIM, Italy, and other departments worked together to determine the Raman measurement process for Fullerene and Fullerene fibres, which was applied for the ISO standard. This cooperation is running...

National Measurement Standards and CMCs

Soot-Testing Meter/Dust-Sampling Meter: flow rate accuracy: ±1.0% in a range of (0.1~1200)L/min

Turbidity Meter: uncertainty of 3% (k=2) in a range of (0~2000)NTU

Air-Sampling Meter: flow rate uncertainty of 1.5% (k=2) in a range of (0~3)L/min.

Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC)

Melt Flow Rate: The measurement standard is composed of the CRMs of known MFR, thermometer, stopwatch and electronic balance.



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