Lab of Optical Frequency Standard focuses on the development of the next generation of atomic frequency standards/clocks, based on optical transitions in laser-cooled neutral atoms. An optical lattice clock based on neutral strontium atoms is being built in the lab. The lab also maintains a 532 nm laser wavelength standard which assists to stabilize the 532 nm lasers in precise length measurements.

  • Strontium Optical Clock

    An optical lattice clock based on ultra narrow atomic transition of neutral strontium atoms is being built at this lab. The strontium atoms are cooled to a temperature of a few micro-Kelvin by a two-stage laser cooling. They are then loaded into...

  • Ultra Stable Lasers

    This project is pursuing to build ultra stable lasers as local oscillators for optical clocks. Being the 'tick' source of the atomic clock, the local oscillator must maintain highly stable to...

  • Iodine-stabilized Optical Frequency Standard at 532 nm

    Two portable 532 nm optical frequency standards stabilized at iodine molecular line have been established in our laboratory. Two self-developed semi-nonplanar monolithic solid state lasers with excellent frequency and power characters are used as...

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There is no international cooperation.

National Measurement Standards and CMCs

There is no National Measurement Standards and CMCs.



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