Division of Ionizing Radiation


Lab of Radiation Dosimetry maintains National standards of air-Kerma (exposure) and dose equivalent, develops radiation measurement techniques and provides calibration services for radiotherapy and diagnostic dosimeters as well as for protection equipment and industry facilities in the field of radiation dosimetry. Since 2007, there have been 8 research members engaged in the lab of radiation dosimetry, including 2 PhDs and 2 master’s degree...

  • Establishment and study of air kerma primary standards of...

    It is recommended by IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) that the audit for Co-60 beam output for radiation protection dosimetry will no longer be available. The dose of radiation protection is now traced by Cs-137 radiation. It is very...

  • Establishment Of The Air Kerma And Ambient Dose Equivalent...

    The dissemination of the secondary standard is performed via calibration of gamma-ray measuring instruments using gamma-ray irradiator sources.  The main gamma-ray exposure unit contains three 137Cs and two 60Co sources of different activity....

International Cooperation

  • The lab attended international congress on medical physics and gave a oral report on air kerma measurement of low energy X-rays.

  • The lab was invited by IAEA to introduce to status of ionizing radiation metrology of NIM in Austria and discuss the cooperation with IAEA, being a member of SSDL network as a primary standard laboratory.

  • The lab was invited to attend CCRI RMO WG meeting and 23rd CCRI meeting in Paris in 2012, gave two presentations on APMP TCRI activities and Progress report of the APMP for the CCRI strategic plan.

  • As the APMP TCRI secretary, organized APMP TCRI 2011 meeting in Kobe, Japan. Presented three oral reports on NIM activities on radiation dosimetry, technical protocol on APMP.RI(I)-K7 key comparison and APMP supplemental comparison on personal...

National Measurement Standards and CMCs

National Standard of TLD Measurement System Used For Protection and Environmental Level Dosimetry 

National Standard of Air Kerma and Ambient Dose Equivalent Standards For Protection-Levelγ-ray Beam 

National Standard of Diagnostic X-Rays 

Primary standard of air kerma in (60-250) kV X-rays

Current measurement system based on Townsend method 



  • 86 10 64525023 Wu Jinjie
  • Vice Head of laboratory
  • wujj@nim.ac.cn
  • 86 10 64525027 Li Xingdong
  • Head of laboratory
  • lixd@nim.ac.cn

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