As member of CCM Working Group on Avogadro constant (WGAC) and Density (WGD), the task of Volume and Density Laboratory in NIM is to maintain calibration and measurement capability on volume and density and to carry out related research projects. Solid density primary standard was established with an uncertainty better than 2×10-7. The lab also provides verification and calibration services for hydrometer (for petroleum, alcohol, seawater,...

  • The Research on Measurement of Solid Material Density

    Solid material density can be calibrated based on the sing crystal silicon standard. This project aims to calibrate some solid parts, such as hydrometers by using Cuckow’s method based on hydrostatic weighting principle.

  • A Study On Solid Density Primary Standard

    The essential technology for dimensional measurement of an object by phase-shifting interferometry is the generation of phase-shifting and the solution of original phase. The original phase is solved by a developed five-interferogram algorithm...

International Cooperation

  • -  APMP.M.FF-K4 key comparison 100mL and 20L,  2006  -  BIPM/CIPM key comparison CCM.FF-K4.2.2011 Volume comparison at 100mL  -  Comparison of the Calibration of Density Hydrometer (APMP.M.D-K4)

National Measurement Standards and CMCs

Solid Density Primary Standard Uncertaintybetter than 2×10-7

National Primary Standard for Volume The CMC claimed by BIPM is: 100mL to 2000L with an uncertainty of 5E-4ml to 100ml



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