Torque Laboratory is responsible for realizing, maintaining and disseminating force and torque values in forms of SI units and guarantees the accuracy and consistency of the values during its dissemination in China. A series of force standard machines with a measurement range from 10N ~ 20MN, torque standard machines/devices ranging from 0.1Nm ~ 30kNm and dynamic force standards ranging from 200N ~ 1MN are maintained by force and torque...

  • Establishment of 100 kN Deadweight Force Standard Machine

    100 kN deadweight force standard machine will be accomplished in the end of 2012 at NIM. This machine is capable of realizing force from 1 kN to 110 kN with 1 kN force step both in compression and tension. 31 pieces of weights of the machine can...

  • Establishment of 30knm Torque Standard Machine

     Last year we have established a multifunction torque standard machine. It has three main functions. One is hydraulic torque wrench calibration. The second function is torque multiply calibration. The third function is reference torque standard...

International Cooperation

  • Force and torque laboratory participated in a series of force and torque intercomparisons to guar­antee mutual recognition of measurement capabilities

  • Since 1992, the Asia-Pacific Symposium on measurement of mass, force and torque (APMF) has held every two years. NIM is one of the promoter and organizer. APMF provides opportunity of exchanges the latest R&D achievements on mass and relative...

  • Force and torque laboratory established cooperation relationship with PTB in torque metrology and with PTB, KRISS in small force metrology.

  • Research on evaluation for standard of large force (NIM and NMIJ). This is a four-year joint research plan (1987 – 1990) proposed by NMIJ matched the plans of NIM for this period for

National Measurement Standards and CMCs

Torque range: 0.5Nm ~ 5kNm, Relative expended uncertainty: 1×10-4 (k=2)

Force range: 1MN ~ 20MN ( compression), Relative expended uncertainty: 1×10-4 (k=2)

Force range: 10 N ~ 1 MN ( compression, tension), Relative expended uncertainty: 2×10-5 (k=2)



  • 86-10-64524615 Hu gang
  • Deputy head of force and torque laboratory
  • hugang@nim.ac.cn
  • 86-10-64524615 Zhang Zhimin
  • head of force and torque laboratory
  • zhiminzhang@nim.ac.cn

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