Division of Thermophysics and Process Measurements


Thermometry Laboratory has its mission in developing, improving and maintaining the National Temperature Standard over the temperature ranging from 1.2 K to 1234 K by following the current international temperature scale. It disseminates the international temperature scale to industrial and scientific sectors through the calibrations of thermometers and fixed points under the national temperature scale dissemination system and the...

International Cooperation

  • NIM/NIST joint study on the redetermination of the Boltzmann constant by the primary acoustic and Johnson noise thermometry

  • NIM/PTB collaboration on metal impurities on fixed points, heat pipes in thermometry

  • NIM/MSL joint study on the isotopic correction coefficients for pure water.

  • NIM/INRIM joint study on the effects of impurities on the long term stability of water triple point cells, heat pipes

National Measurement Standards and CMCs

Calibration of Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometers in temperature range from 13 K to 1234 K with uncertainty of 0.16 mK to 3.7 mK

Realization and Calibration of Fixed Points in temperature range from 13 K to 1234 K with uncertainty of 0.16 mK to 2.8 mK


>    Calibration of standard platinum resistance

>    Calibration of industrial thermometers
>    In-situ calibration of industrial temperature transducers
>    In-situ measurements of temperature distributions
      of constant  temperature and  humidity chambers
      and sterilization chambers>



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