Division of Thermophysics and Process Measurements


Radiation Temperature Laboratory establishes and maintains International Temperature Scale of 1990, ITS-90 above the silver fixed point (1234.93K). It is responsible for dissemination and comparison of radiation thermometry temperature scales from -50°C ~ 3000 °C as the nation’s temperature scale while drafting and establishing its technical criterion. The research field of this lab includes thermodynamic temperature measurement by radiation...

  • Radiometric Measurement of Thermodynamic Temperature

    NIM is developing an absolute radiation thermometer to determinate the temperature of metal-carbon eutectic points. The metal-carbon eutectic points are considered as  candidates of new fixed points in high temperature.The first round of...

  • ITS-90 Primary standard from 961.78℃ to 2474℃

    Based on NIM’s developed primary standard pyrometer, an improved scheme, an "fixed-point blackbody – pyrometer" assembly, was applied to realize and disseminate International Temperature Scale of...

  • Development of Variable Temperature Blackbody Sources...

    Radiation characteristic of blackbody radiation sources depends on temperature and spectral emissivity. Many blackbody radiation sources can only realize removable contact thermometer trace to ITS-90 because the emissivity of blackbody radiation...

International Cooperation

  • National Institute of Metrology (NIM), China, has an early and good relationship with National Metrology Institute of Japan (NMIJ). Three staff members (Wang Tiejun, Bai Chengyu and Lu Xiaofeng) of NIM worked at NMIJ as guest researchers for a...

  • National Institute of Metrology (NIM), China, and Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), Germany, have a good cooperation in developing and improving thermodynamic temperature measurements using radiometric methods for investigation of...

  • In 2006, NIM sent Wang Tiejun to NPL, who joined in an cooperation research work with NPL on manufacturing and reproducibility of the eutectic Pt-C HTFP. In 2010, NIM sent Dongwei to NPL, to study international ITS comparison among NIM (China),...

  • In addition, NIM plays an active role in international HTFP project conducted by CCT-WG5. In international cooperation research project of HTFPs, NIM took part in four of the five work packages. They are WP1, WP2, WP3 and WP5. In WP1, NIM...

National Measurement Standards and CMCs

ITS-90 Primary standard from 961.78℃ to 2474℃ with expanded relative uncertainty of  0.08℃ to 0.62℃ (k=2).

Temperature range: 961.78℃-2474℃

Expanded Uncertainty: U =0.08℃-0.62℃(k=2)

National Standard for Calibration of Infrared Human Body Temperature ThermometerTemperature range: 20℃-50℃, U =0.034℃-0.042℃(k=2)Services:  -  Calibration of ear thermometer blackbody. Temperature range: 20℃-50℃, U =0.07℃(k=2) - Calibration of infrared ear thermometer and infrared forehead thermometer. Temperature range: 20℃-50℃, U =0.046℃-0.051℃(k=2)

National Standard for Calibration of Industry Use Radiation Thermometer Temperature range:-50 ºC-2800 ºC, U =0.1 ºC - 6.0 ºC(k=2)

National Primary Standard of High Temperature at 1234.93k-2747k Temperature range: 961.78℃-2474℃ Expanded Uncertainty :U =0.08℃ -0.62℃(k=2)Services:- Calibration of Ag Fixed-point blackbody furnace. Temperature range: 961.78 ℃,U (k=2): 0.3℃ - Calibration of 0.66um primary standard radiation thermometer,  direct scale by means of spectral  responsivity measurement.   Temperature range : 961.78℃, U (k=2) : 0.3℃ -  Calibration of tungsten ribbon lamp, using 0.66um primary standard radiation thermometer. Temperature range: 800℃-2200℃, U (k=2): 0.20℃-0.9℃

National Standard for Calibration of Surface Thermometer Temperature range: 30℃-400℃; U =0.6℃-2.4℃(k=2)Services:  -  Calibration of surface temperature source. Temperature   range: 30℃- 400℃; U =0.6℃-2.5℃(k=2)- Calibration of surface thermometer. Temperature range:  30℃- 400℃;  U =0.6℃-2.4℃(k=2)


As of Dec 2008, the division provides 148 verification, 45 calibration and 26 testing services.


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