Division of Metrology in Length and Precision Engineering


This lab devotes itself to studying, developing, improving and maintaining national primary standards of object form, position, dimension, angle, conicity, film thickness and various types of measuring tools. It is also responsible for edition and revision works of national standards and metrological specifications about the above geometric parameters. Besides, it carries out measurement method research of the relevant geometric values in...

  • Study of New Generation Gear Helix Primary Standard and...

    A new high precision gear helix measuring instrument which can trace to laser wavelength primary standard is required. In order to achieve a wide measurement range, coordinate measurement principle and combination of optical, mechanical and...

  • Development of High Precision Laser Two-Coordinate Standard...

    The target of this project is to establish a traceability system of 2D optical line scale standard through development of high precision laser two-coordinate standard equipment. The project can help solving the problems during measurement and...

International Cooperation

  • The lab took part in international comparisons for polygons, angle blocks, involute master of gear, helix master of gear and standard gear.It is going to take part in comparisons for autocollimator, roundness, conicity and diameter.

  • The lab attended the following conferences:ICMT2012: 16th International Conference on Mechatronics ISPEMI 2012: the 8th International Symposium on Precision Engineering Measurements and Instrumentation


National Measurement Standards and CMCs

Calibration Instrument for Ring Gauges:U=(0.1+1L)μm,k=2, L in mm

National Primary Standard for Flatness

National Primary Standard for Small Angle Laser Measuring Instrument


Measurement uncertainty: U99=0.05″ per ±1°

National Primary Standard for Precise Angle Dividing Table

Measuring  range:360°

Measurement uncertainty: U95=0.03″



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  • Head of Laboratory
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