Division of Metrology in Length and Precision Engineering


Large-Scale Dimensional Metrology Lab has 8 laboratory rooms in Hepingli and Changping experiment campus, including 24m Thermal Expansion Coefficient Lab, 26m Standard Line Lab, Photogrammetric Lab, Spatial Coordinates Standard Lab, 80m Indoor Standard Line Lab, Astronomical Azimuth Standard Lab, 1176m Standard Baseline and GNSS Receiver Testing Fields. Our efforts focuses on developing and standardizing testing and validation technologies...

  • 80-Meter Large-Scale Dimensional Standard

    The 80-meter large dimensional standard is composed of an 80-meter accurate guide rail, a large scale laser measurement system, an ambient temperature measurement system and an automatic control system. It reaches an uncertainty of (0.1μm+2×10...

  • Large-scale Spatial Coordinate National Standard

    Large-scale Spatial Coordinate National Standard (under construction), with dimensions of 8m*6m*3m, can be traced to National Length Standard using multi-lateral coordinate measurement method,...

  • High-Speed Close-Range Photogrammetry System and...

    This project aims to develop a high-speed close-range photogrammetry measurement system as well as a calibration standard. Based upon stereovision method, the high-speed close-range photogrammetry system can measure velocity of moving object. The...

International Cooperation

  • The lab attended the following confences:The 6th International Symposium on Advanced Optical Manufacturing and Testing Technology;The 8th International Symposium on Precision Engineering Measurements and Instrumentation

National Measurement Standards and CMCs

Total Station and Distance Meter Calibration Standard Equipment Distance Range: (6~1176)mAngle Range: (0~360) °(H),  ±30°(V) Uncertainty: 1×10-6k=2 (L:1000m), 0.3″(H), 1.0″(V)

GNSS Testing Baselines Field

26m Standard equipment of laser interferometer,U=0.5 mm +5×10-7L k=3)

24m Optic-Mechanical Comparator, U=20mm /24m (k=3)


As of Dec 2008, the division provides 148 verification, 45 calibration and 26 testing services. 


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