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Address: No.18,Bei San Huan
Dong Lu,Chaoyang
Dist,Beijing,P.R.China, 100013




Division of Energy and Environmental Measurement is responsible for developing, maintaining and disseminating certified standard materials and calculation standards. It also carries out sci-tech researches in new energy, energy efficiency, environment, gas and software for measuring instruments. The division has established and maintained 10 national measurement standards and more than 100 national standard materials. Besides, it has participated in 27 international comparisons. There are 48 staff members including 3 researchers, 20 associate researchers and senior engineers, 20 assistant researchers and engineers, 6 PhDs and 17 master’s degree owners.

The research of the division focuses on: new energy measurement test, energy efficiency measurement test of energy-using products, collection and analysis of energy data, research on electromagnetic environment measurement technology, research on standard materials in field of gas, measurement of greenhouse gas, test of measuring instruments software and calculation standards performance. Currently, the division embarked on carrying out energy efficiency test and research of measurement technology in fields of new generation wireless communication electromagnetic environment, gas spectrum, gas isotope, component of combustible gas, air quality, reduction of carbon emission, factor of carbon conversion, software and calculation standards, as well as collecting, counting, analyzing, managing and applying urban energy data.