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Address: No.18,Bei San Huan
Dong Lu,Chaoyang
Dist,Beijing,P.R.China, 100013




Inspired by rapid development of nano and material industry and research in China, in 2012, Division of Nano Merology and Materials Measurements was founded to meet the requirement for metrology in nanophace and other advanced materials..

The division is responsible for developing, maintaining and disseminating national measurement standards and certified reference materials (CRMs) for nano metrology, advanced material measurement and physical chemistry. It also undertakes assessment work for measurement institutions, proposing measurement methods and evaluating measured results.


We are engrossed in constantly enhancing metrology science and technique, developing, maintaining and disseminating national measurement standards and CRMs of related fields. On this basis, we intend to establish a traceable chain for measurements in the fields. We participate in international activities, such as international comparisons, peer review, calibration and measurement capability application to verify validity and comparability of the standards and CRMs to their international equivalence.

The division maintained 5 national primary standards for surface roughness, combustion heat, solution acidity, electrolytic conductivity and viscosity, which are mainly used to certify transfer standards and national primary reference materials. More than 20 metrology standards are provided for calibration service including standards for nano geometric structure, single and multi groove, polymer molecule, transformation temperature of materials, surface tension, pore diameter and pore volume, etc. More than one hundred certified reference materials, related to micro/nano particle size, nano-linewidth, special surface area, blood cell counting, thermo analysis and classical physical chemistry properties, have been developed.

At present, nano metrology and materials metrology is the most emphasized research field in the division. A serial of projects have been carried out focusing on metrology for nano-scale dimension and surface texture and material structure, component and property, such as carbon nanotube, polymer, membrane, powder and fabric materials, etc. The main facilities for  research of priority include large scale metrology atom force microscopes, nano-CT, nano indention tester, transmission electron microscope (TEM), scanning electron microscope(SEM), X-ray photoelectron spectroscope (XPS), X-Ray diffraction (XRD) and X-ray fluorescence (XRF), etc.