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Address: No.18,Bei San Huan
Dong Lu,Chaoyang
Dist,Beijing,P.R.China, 100013




Division of Mechanics and Acoustics is responsible for developing, improving and maintaining national standards in the fields of mass and gravity, force and torque, hardness, volume and density, acoustics and ultrasound, vibration and shock. The division consists of 6 laboratories, maintaining 23 national primary standards and 12 national secondary standards, together with 43 national working standards. Besides, the division participates in related international comparisons to keep consistency and accuracy of measured values and provides verification, calibration and testing services as well as consultation to different customers.

Recently, our research and construction are mainly focused on Avogadro constant, dynamic force and torque, low-frequency vibration, weighing apparatus type approval, microphone and hydrophone calibration to fulfill international and domestic demands.

In the future, besides redefinition of mass and improvement of the traditional standards, we will devote ourselves to calibration and measurement in gravity, nano mass and force, high force and shock, very low frequency acoustic and vibration, very high frequency hydrophone, etc. We also will be involved in dynamic, on-site and multi-parameters calibration.

We expect our precise calibration and measurement will contribute more to create a better life quality and better environment.