Established highly accurate nucleic acid measurement by...

Start Date

January, 2009

End Date

December, 2011


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Wang Jing

Division of Medical and Biological Measurements   

National Institute of Metrology

Tel: 010-64525061

Key technological research on nucleic acids traceability and transferability of genetically modified(GM) plant

(“11th Five-Year Plan” National Science and Technology Support Program, completed)

Project leader: Wang Jing

Ø Established highly accurate nucleic acid measurement by ultrasonic treatment followed by isotope dilution mass spectrometry (Ultrasonic-IDMS), which provides feasibility for reliable, traceable and accurate quantitative measurements of large size or genomic DNA.

Ø Established inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometer(ICP-OES) for genetically modified nucleic acid, determined the traceable frame to SI unit of mass.

Ø Developed digital PCR for GM plants, through which the DNA measurement can trace to a single molecule. The measurement uncertainty is 10%.

Ø Developed GM plasmid DNA reference material for crops including GM rice BT63, Ke Ming Dao 2, Ke Feng 6; GM tomato: HuaFan 1, GM cotton SGK 321 and GM soybean Mon89788.

Ø Developed GM matrix reference material to ensure the GM test comparable and reliable, including GM rice: BT63, Ke Ming Dao 2; GM cotton SGK 321, etc. These GM reference materials has met the need of trade for local and regional industry.

Ø Established an identification method of genetically modified rice and cotton seed candidate for manufacturing GM matrix reference material.