In order to improve the therapeutic level, reduce the misdiagnosis rate and control the medical r...

Start Date

April 1,2011

End Date

March 31,2015


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Research on Metrological Standards and Traceability Systems of Medical Diagnostic Equipments

(“12th Five-Year Plan” National Science and Technology Support Program, completed)

Project leader: LIU Wenli


In order to improve the therapeutic level, reduce the misdiagnosis rate and control the medical risks, the project take clinical accelerator, medical imaging, emergency care, clinical examination, audio-visual, diagnostic radiology and blood pressure diagnosis and guardianship medical equipments as the urgent object of study, research work on metrological standard and traceability system are carried out for above subjects.

  Through research, 26 sets of metrological standard devices, including the (4~25) MV photon / electronic reference radiation standard measuring device, spatial resolution measurement standard for optical coherence tomography system, magnetic field uniformity measurement standard for magnetic resonance imaging equipment, were established.

  38 kinds of CMRs, such as fluorescence intensity CMRs for calibrating flow cytometry, were developed. The traceability systems for flow cytometry, blood cell analyzer, osmolality analyzer and blood viscometer were set up, which will provide important support for ensuring the accuracy and comparability of the clinical results.

  A book” medical metrology system framework” was published, which would make a better integration and development of medical metrology work in our country.

  Also, 36 related technical standards were drafted or modified, 130 papers were published and 35 domestic patents were applied. Among them, 13 items have been authorized and 2 foreign inventions patents have been applied.