This research began in 1998 and was concluded with a successfully developed large gauge block int...

Start Date

January, 1998

End Date

December, 2011


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Gauge Block Laser Interferometer Based on Multi-Wavelength Excess Fraction Reduction Method


This study successfully developed a large gauge block laser interferometer, which forms an importantpart in national primary standard of gauge block. The success is based on early efforts in a series of projects and should acknowledge their contribution.


The interferometer can be used to measure 100mm-1000mm gauge blocks with an uncertainty of U99=0.02μm +0.1×10-6l.


This research began in1998 and was concluded with a successfully developed large gauge block interferometer in 2011. This interferometer adopts light sources as 633nm, 612nm, 543nm lasers. It can measure 3 objective gauge blocks simultaneously. Its reference light can move slightly to scan the stripes. It measures excess fraction by phase-shift method, measures ambient parameters by high precision sensors, and gets gauge block’s temperature value with combination of Pt resistant and thermocouples. It can automatically sample data and compensate for air refractivity. When room temperature varies in (20±0.1)℃, the temperature inside the instrument box can be controlled in a range of (20±0.01)℃, and the measurement uncertainty reaches international outstanding level at U99=0.02μm+0.1×10-6l in a measurement range of (100~1000)mm.