The project mainly focuses on the issues that currently there is a high import denpendency on man...

Start Date

July 1,2016

End Date

December 31,2020


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Division of Medical and Biological Measurements   

National Institute of Metrology

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Research on Key Measurement Technologies for Medicine and Health care

        (National Key R&D Program of China, ongoing)

        Project leader: LIU Wenli

     The project mainly focuses on the issues that currently there is a high import denpendency on many advanced innovative medical equipments and a lack of effective traceability; the standard data / and inbuilt curves of medical equipments do not fully comply with the physiological characteristics of Chinese population; accurate diagnosis and individualized treatment of diseases and the instability of the system relies too much on experiences. The project carries out research on key medical measurement technology and innovative medical technology, and metrological study on data platform for physiological parameters of Chinese population. It is targeted to develop standard devices, establish and improve the traceability systems, and establish a service platform of medical metrology that supports the development of medical devices and their QC devices.  The metrology technology is integrated into innovative medical techniques including accurate diagnosis of brain function disease and targeting treatment, supporting the eastablishement of the data platform of physiological parameters such as bone density.   The project is also aimed to solve the technical problem of evaluation of safatey performance and image quality in order to meet the new challenge of advanced medical imaging equipments including MRI and multimodal imaging. By developing methodology, technology, standards, human resource and application demonstration, the project outcome will be expected to support innovation and upgrading of medicare industry and protect the development of the healthcare industry.

      The project is led by the National Institute of China  participated by 19 units including  Beihang University, Zhejiang University, instrument health department of General Logistics Department of General Hospital of the Air Force PLA, Xuanwu hospital, the National Institute for Food and Drug Control, XinGaoyi Medical Equipm. The project focuses on three aspects, stick to the idea of whole chain design of fundamental research, technical research, application development and big data support. According to service target and subject areathe project was divided into 6 subprojects.


      The expected project outcome will include: 26 sets of devices, a bone density data platform including 30 thousand cases, 32 papers, 10 patents for invention, 7 metrological regulations and specifications, etc. They will provide service for medical equipment safety and effective diagnosis and treatment, provide quantity traceability for medicare industrial supervision, provide technical support for enterprise innovation, support innovation and upgrading of medicare industry promote the development of the healthcare industry.