In this project, calibration and measurement methods for specific absorption rate (SAR) are studi...

Start Date

January, 2009

End Date

December, 2010


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Study of Measurement Equipment for Biologic Effect in Electromagnetic Field

In this project, calibration and measurement methods for specific absorption rate (SAR) are studied. A testing machine and accessorial apparatus were designed or purchased. In an experiment, we investigated major factors that dominantly affect calibration result of probes used in SAR measurement. 



the liquid simulates brain tissue fluid under 900MHz


As we know, mobile phone is popular and widely used. To communicate with others with this kind of wireless devices, people have to place them close to their ears. Therefore, electromagnetic power emitted by the phone is inevitably absorbed by people’s heads. This project mainly focuses on study of biological effect in electromagnetic field. We used mobile phone as radio signal emission source to test and evaluate its harm to human body. A testing system is set up, which can precisely determine the SAR of mobile phone. At the same time, a calibration system for probes used in SAR measurement is designed and established. Besides, a set of measurement equipment for electromagnetic radiation from mobile communication base station is purchased. To measure the possible radiation from mobile phone, an experimental environment was designed, which can simulate a real communication process including base station, blue-tooth, WLAN and microwave absorbing room. In the project, we also research on relationship between electromagnetic radiation and human health.