Terahertz (THz) electromagnetic waves have a spectrum between microwave and  infrared, bridg...

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Research on Terahertz Spectroscopy Metrology and Terahertz Radiometry


Terahertz (THz) electromagnetic waves have a spectrum between microwave and  infrared, bridging the gap between electronics and optics. It has enormous potential applications in security, information & communication technology and astronomy. THz waves also provide powerful insight into material properties of biology specimens, chemistry drugs and explosive goods. However, traceability of THz measurements has not been available yet for more than 3 decades. Nowadays THz waves have been widely applied from laboratory to applications, and a variety of commercial products have appeared on the market. THz metrology and related standards are hence urgently desired.



This project is focused on research of a traceable method for THz spectroscopy and THz radiometry, aiming at establishing corresponding standard apparatus for THz spectroscopy and THz radiometry, supporting scientific research and applications, and filling the “THz metrology gap”. The tasks mainly include calibration of THz spectrometer and THz radiometry.


For THz spectrum calibration, we have made a transmission-type spectrometer and a reflection-type THz spectrometer which were calibrated with CO gas and Fabry-Perot etalons. For THz radiometry, we have developed a broadband absorbing coating with a high absorptance of above 97.5% from 0.25 THz to 2.0 THz (the absorptance is 99.92% for 633nm).The THz power is traced to the Chinese National Laser Power Standard.