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Study on Key Technology of Cool Atom Nanometer Scale Dimension Metrology Standards



When a chromium atomic beam collimated by laser cooling passes through a laser standing wave field, it will be gathered toward intensity minimum or intensity maximum state by dipole force. Nanometer-scale lines array with an average pitch of l/2 can be fabricated when the gathered atoms deposit on a substrate. The laser-focused atomic deposition has potential to fabricate nanometer-scale pitch standards because the average pitch can be traced to an absolute atomic frequency with a good relative uncertainty.


This research of modern metrology standards based on quantum physics is funded by 11th 5 Year Plan National Science and Technology Projects. It is an cooperative project undertaken by NIM and Tongji University. The objective is to fabricate nanometer scale lines array on a chip with a pitch of l/2 by laser-focused atomic deposition. The pitch value of the nanostrucute can be traced to an absolute atomic frequency with a relative uncertainty with magnitude of 10-5. Therefore, this technique has potential to be a means of fabricating nanometer scale pitch standards. The project aims to develop nanometer dimension standards thorugh the research and then apply them to collimate micrometer and nanometer measurement instruments.


Till 2011, only four countries, the USA, Germany, Netherland and China, have mastered this technique and had the ability to fabricate the samples. A nanometer lines array with a pitch of (212.8±0.5) nm and a height of 20 nm has been developed by NIM using laser-focused Cr atomic deposition.


The lab are working on researching the property of the laser focusing atoms, optimizing and consummating the experimental equipments to increase the height and to decrease the width of the nanolines as well as to enlarge the deposition area.