The target of this project is to establish a traceability system of 2D optical line scale standar...

Start Date

January, 2006

End Date

December, 2008


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Development of High Precision Laser Two-Coordinate Standard Equipment


The target of this project is to establish a traceability system of 2D optical line scale standard through development of high precision laser two-coordinate standard equipment. The project can help solving the problems during measurement and value-tracing of ultra-precision photo mask for advanced manufacturing industries, as well as problems in measurement, calibration and value-unity of those widely applied equipment including optical imaging measurement instrument, CMMs with vision probe and optical microscopes.


Photo mask manufacturing technology to a degree reflects the level of sub-micrometer and nanometer scale machining technologies. It is widely used in advanced industries of FPD (Flat Panel Display), IC and ICP, PCB (Printed Circuit Board) and precision components manufacturing. It is a key method for quality monitoring and guarantee. With rapid development of  FPD, IC, PCB industries, the importance of photo mask manufacturing and measurement in advanced manufacturing industry is increasing.


New generation micrometer and sub-micrometer scale measuring instruments such as photo imaging instrument, optical microscope and non-contact CMM  have their unique merits: they cause no deformation to measured objectives; they can reduce parallax effects and greatly improve measurement efficiency; they can realize synchronously data reading, real-time calibration and error correction which can integrate with CAD\CAM\CNC machine and RP system to meet different requirements of manufacturing. These technical characteristics make them to gradually replace traditional universal tool microscope, length meter and projector and are already applied widely in manufacturing fields. They are also becoming a necessary type of common equipment in science and industrial metrology applications.


Although measurement precisions, measurement range and objectives of mask measurement equipment and optical imaging measurement equipment are different, they both adopt digital imaging measurement principles. Common tracing methods including direct laser traceability or measurement with gauge block, ball plate, hole plate or step gauge are no longer suitable. As a result, 2D optical line scale standards must be used to calibrate their single parameter or composite precision and trace the measured values to meter definition.


Achievements: (1) A traceability system of 2D optical line scale standard has been established. It can provide calibration service and provide unified quantity values of 2D line scales. (2) A new high precision laser two-coordinate standard equipment has been developed to solve the problems of measurement and value-tracing of ultra-precision mask and the optical imaging measurement instrument. The developed instrument possesses independent intellectual property rights. (3) A calibration regulation Imaging Measurement Instrument was drafted and published with cooperation of Shenzhen Institute of Metrology and Inspection.