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NIM provides technical support for China’s energy dealings

June 15th, the third line of the China-Central Asia Natural Gas Pipeline started to transport natural gas from the border of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan to China. The 1830-km Line C runs through 3 Central Asian countries and is finally connected with China’s domestic gas pipeline at Korgas checkpoint in Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region. The transport capacity of Line C, together with Line A and Line B, is expected to hit 55 billion cubic meters per year at the end of 2015. By then, the three lines would transport a total 23% of domestic demand for natural gas through the metering station at Korgas checkpoint.



To realize a mutual recognition of the dealings-related quantity values among China and the Central Asian countries, before the launching of Line C, Trans-Asia Gas Pipeline Company Limited (TAPLINE) entrusted the metrology matters to National Institute of Metrology, China (NIM) to ensure the accuracy, reliability and international equivalency of the related measurement quantities.


Therefore, NIM established a special working group, consisting of 9 engineers from related research divisions and NIM’s Metrological Services Department, to provide specialized technical support and training service for the Korgas metering station. After drafting a specific service scheme, the working group arrived in Korgas and discussed with TAPLINE (Korgas) to finalize the scheme. In the following 8 days, the working group divided into 5 teams, calibrating and examining the station’s metrological instruments for thermo-characters, pressure, gas purity and flow rate detections, and providing systematic training for the local staff.



Apart from Line C, NIM has been providing verification and calibration service for Line A and Line B as well. Prior to the launching of Line A in 2009, under permission of both China and Kazakhstan Customs, China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) and its Kazakhstan counterpart had entrusted the safety matters and metrology issues to NIM. Since then, NIM has been providing calibration and examination services for Korgas metering station once every year, successfully ensuring the measurement accuracy and reliability at the border checkpoint. (chenhh@nim.ac.cn)