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CSM announced its Science and Technology Progress Awards in Beijing

4 projects of NIM honored with the first prize 

The Chinese Society of Measurement (CSM) announced its Science and Technology Progress Awards this Tuesday, which is also the World Metrology Day. 4 research projects conducted by National Institute of Metrology (NIM) were honored with the first prize of the award. The award ceremony was held on the same day in Beijing.

According to CSM, the winning projects involves in more than 10 research areas, including energy, environment, marine science, health care and people’s livelihood, whose major achievements have been successfully applied in and benefited industries of the related fields.

16 out of the total 43 awards went to NIM’s research groups, including 4 first prizes, 8 second prizes and 4 third prizes. The first-prize winners of NIM are as below:

Development of Gas-controlled Sodium Heat Pipe with High Precision and Research on Their Thermal Characteristics, by Yan Xiaoke, Zhang Jintao, et al;

Research and Application of the National Standard of DC High Currents, by Shao Haiming, Liang Bo, et al;

Research on Microphone Calibration by Reciprocity Technique and Acoustic Power Measurement, by Yang Ping, He Longbiao, et al;

Research on and Establishment of the National Primary Standard for Air Kerma of Low-energy X-ray, by Wu Jinjie, Yang Yuandi, et al.

Among the 4 projects, Research and Application of the National Standard of DC High Currents is also the winner of the second prize of 2013 National Science and Technology Progress Award.

To further popularize the technological achievements in metrological field as well as to promote their transformation and application in related industries, during the World Metrology Day period, China also held the 2014 Exhibition of Scientific and Technological Achievements of Measurement, the Academic Report on Measurement Technology Development and Industry Upgrading and a ceremony for the first issuing of History of China Metrology.