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The 5th Annual Conference of NIM’s International Advisory Board Held

The 5th Annual Conference of NIM’s International Advisory Board (IAB) was held in Beijing from August  27-29, 2013. Five members of the Board attended the annual conference to give advisory opinions from international perspective with respect to NIM’s present capability and reality. The Attendees include Dr. Barry Inglis, President of CIPM; Dr. Michael Kuehne, Ex-Director of BIPM; Dr. Terry Quinn, Ex-Director of BIPM; Dr. Hratch Semerjian, Ex-Deputy-Director of NIST and Dr. Ernst O. Goebel, Ex-President of PTB.


Vice Director of Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) Wu Qinghai met with the Board on August 29. NIM Director Zhang Yukuan, Vice Director Duan Yuning, Song Shuying and staff from related research divisions and administrative departments took part in the conference. 

On the first day of the conference, NIM Director Zhang Yukuan addressed a welcome speech to the guests. The guests listened to NIM’s work report delivered by Vice Director Duan Yuning, and had an in-depth discussion of the most concerned issues with the host.
To gain a further insight, the Board made visit to key laboratories in NIM’s Changping Campus and met with staff from research divisions including Division of Chemical Metrology and Analytical Science, Division of Medical and Biological Measurement, Division of Energy and Environmental Measurement and Division of Engineering Metrology and Testing Technology, respectively. They also had discussion with young scientists of NIM on topics like international metrological organizations, global trend for metrological science development, future demand for metrology and problems in research works.
On August 29, NIM held consultation with the Board. The Board summarized the noticeable progress NIM had made and commended on the increase number of NIM’s young scientists and their commitment to metrology. The Board also made specific recommendations for NIM in human resource utilization, industrial interaction and ways to prioritize current programs and future strategy, etc.